Public hospital treatment

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 Phone enquiries: 03 8754 6700

Fax referrals to: 03 8754 6710

Dr Jill Tomlinson's private rooms do not book public hospital outpatient appointments or surgery at Werribee Mercy Hospital. Questions about accessing this public hospital service should be directed to Werribee Mercy Hospital Public Consulting Suites on 03 8754 6700.

If you wish to be treated by Dr Tomlinson without incurring private fees you may request that your GP refer you to see Dr Tomlinson at Werribee Mercy Hospital Outpatients for treatment in the public hospital system. Referrals are to be faxed to 03 8754 6710. After your referral has been faxed it will be generally be triaged (reviewed) within one week. After your referral has been triaged Werribee Mercy Hospital staff will contact you to offer an appointment on a Wednesday morning at Werribee Mercy Hospital. Due to the high demand for this public service there may be a long wait time for your appointment, depending on your condition. Individuals who have cancers and emergency trauma cases are booked to be seen more quickly than individuals who have non-cancerous lumps, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger fingers and Dupuytren’s disease. Cosmetic surgery, cosmetic injectable treatments, ear molding, "See and Treat" services and body contouring surgery are not offered at Werribee Mercy Hospital.

If you require surgery then at your outpatient appointment you will be placed on the public waiting list for your surgery to be performed at Werribee Mercy Hospital on a Wednesday afternoon. Waiting times for surgery depend on clinical urgency and may be up to 12 months.


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