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Videoconsultations are conducted via our dedicated virtual clinic to maximise patient and staff safety. We require that all patients provide a referral prior to booking an appointment. We are currently booking routine, non-urgent new patient appointments many months ahead, and as such we recommend that patients with suspicious skin lesions (not biopsy proven skin cancers) seek biopsy and/or treatment from a provider with a shorter waiting list. Dr Tomlinson does not offer cosmetic surgery services or consultations and surgical services where a Medicare Rebatable Item Code does not apply; this includes adult otoplasty, injections for palmar hyperhidrosis and labiaplasty. 

We appreciate that your time is valuable. We endeavour to run as close to schedule as possible and to provide you with all the information you require to make informed decisions about your treatment. Please help us to do this by providing us with your medical history, preparing a list of any questions and bringing any x-rays or other results and scans that are relevant to your condition. Please also ensure that you check in to the virtual waiting room via your computer or device (or alternatively are available to answer your phone, if you elect to have a telephone consultation) five minutes prior to your appointment.

We ask all patients to submit this form before the initial appointment. If you have any questions about the form, please ask.        

Patient Registration Form

Do I need a referral?

Yes, a referral from your GP is required to book most new patient appointments, and for you to claim part of the cost of your consultation and surgery from Medicare. 

How much will it cost for the initial consultation?

Our initial standard consultation fee is $335; this fee is payable on the day for all patients including Workcover and TAC patients. The fee is subject to a Medicare rebate of $81.30 with your doctor's referral. If you have a Workcover or TAC claim number you will be able to receive a reimbursement of approximately two thirds of the consultation cost from Workcover or TAC. Payment is expected on the day of the consultation; if you do not pay on the day of the consultation you will incur an additional 10% administrative fee. 

What if I can’t make my appointment and need to change or cancel?

For standard appointments we require that you provide one business day notice by phone or email if you will not be able to be present face-to-face or via phone or videoconference for your scheduled appointment. Appointments that are cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice will attract a full consultation fee. If you are late for your appointment this will reduce the amount of time that you will have to see your surgeon, which may make it necessary for you to schedule an additional appointment - so please make sure you are checked in to the virtual waiting room on your computer or device at the time of your appointment, or alternatively have your phone line open and ready to accept our call.

If you are late for your appointment this will reduce the amount of time that you will have to see Dr Tomlinson, which may make it necessary for you to schedule an additional appointment - so please allow sufficient time to travel to your appointment and to find parking. 

What should I send through prior to my appointment?

We require that you send us your GP's referral before we can book you an appointment. Please also send through:

  • The three page form mentioned above; this will include your Medicare or Veterans' Affairs card number and expiry, and any health insurance details (private health, Workcover or TAC claim number and date)
  • Details of all relevant x-rays, scans, nerve studies and other test results
  • A list of your medications if these do not fit within the space provided on the Patient Registration form
  • If you are having a telephone or video consultation, please provide photographs of any relevant area. 

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