We are currently booking new patient appointments for September 2020 and beyond. We always do our best to accommodate emergency and urgent referrals upon receipt of your doctor's referral, but we no longer have any appointments available in 2019. We maintain an appointment waiting list so that wait-listed patients can receive offers of earlier appointments if and when they become available. However, due to strong demand and limited appointment availability, we do not anticipate being able to accommodate further patient appointments in 2019. We do have available "See and Treat" appointments in early 2020. Thank you for your understanding.

Communication, Privacy, eHealth and My Health Record

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Our practice adopts eHealth practices wherever practicable to streamline processes, improve communication and maintain the security of patient information. 

This includes

Patient privacy

We respect patient privacy. All patients are provided with a privacy consent form which details the collection and use of personal information, and explains how this information will be used by this practice.

Our practice privacy policy can be accessed here. It explains how we collect, store, use and disclose your personal information; how you may access your personal information; how we protect the quality and security of your personal information; how you may seek correction of any personal information we hold; and how you may make a complaint about our handling of your personal information.

How is secure messaging used?

Secure messaging systems including ArgusHealthLink and MedicalObjects are used by our practice to send patient letters to your referring doctor. In many instances your doctor may send his or her referral to our practice via these systems. These electronic systems are faster and more secure than the traditional methods of fax or mail and use no paper. These messaging systems are encrypted so they are more secure than standard email. 

What is the My Health Record?

"My Health Record is the new name of the national digital health record system. Having a My Health Record means your important health information like allergies, medical conditions and treatments, medicine details, test or scan reports can be digitally stored in one place."

If you have a My Health Record this means that your treating doctor and our practice nurses can access your My Health Record at any time when we need to, unless you tell us that you do not want us to access it, or you set your privacy settings to restrict our access. We can also manually upload an Event Summary that contains important summary information about your treatment (including, for example, the type of prosthesis used in your surgery, or your pathology results). If results and Specialist Letters are uploaded to your My Health Record this means that if you visit another doctor in the future there is a record, which you have access to, of what happened in the past. We do not currently upload Specialist Letters to your My Health Record as our software vendor has not developed this functionality.

More information about My Health Record, including privacy options and frequently asked questions, is available at the My Health Record website.  

What the My Health Record is not

The My Health Record does not replace electronic health record systems held by your treating doctors and practitioners. It does not replace secure messaging systems used by your referring doctor and our practice to communicate about your care. 

Only a selected portion of the information that is held in your medical records will be uploaded to your My Health Record. For example, your general practitioner may upload a summary document of your health, but will not upload details about about every consultation that you have. 

Similarly, your consultation notes from our practice will not be uploaded to My Health Record. We do not anticipate that every consultation or procedure will result in an upload of information to your My Health Record

You can request that a specialist upload specialist letters and summary information to your My Health Record, and you can also request that he or she not upload information to your My Health Record. However, uploading information is a manual process that is undertaken by your healthcare provider, and just as only a minority of Australians currently have a My Health Record, many healthcare providers are currently unable to access to My Health Record. This practice is able to access and upload documents to My Health Record, but other specialists may not be able to. 

The My Health Record does not replace the need for you to 

  • provide a referral, if you wish to receive Medicare Benefits for your treatment
  • bring scans or x-rays and CDs of radiology investigations to your consultation

How can I register for a My Health Record?

Visit the My Health Record website here for instructions on how to register for a My Health Record.

How do I consent to the use of My Health Record?

If you have a My Health Record you are taken to have given consent for your healthcare providers to access your My Health Record as part of your healthcare.  If you do not wish for us to access your My Health Record you can a) set access controls on your My Health Record, or b) advise us that you do not wish for us to access your My Health RecordIf you do not wish for us to upload information to your My Health Record please advise us.

If you do not wish for any healthcare provider to access or upload information to your My Health Record then we recommend that you contact the Australian Digital Health Agency to cancel your My Health Record

We may access your My Health Record while you are an active patient of this practice, for the purposes of:

  • accessing your Shared Health Summary, Specialist Letters or Event Summaries (should any exist)
  • uploading an Event Summary
  • uploading a Specialist Letter (once our software vendor develops this functionality)

You can monitor which healthcare organisations have accessed or updated your My Health Record by checking online or by calling the Australian Digital Health Agency on 1800 723 471.

What information may be included in an Event Summary?

If we upload an Event Summary to your My Health Record it will identify our practice as the organisation that uploaded the information, and may include:

  • the date of your procedure or surgery
  • your pathology or radiology report(s)
  • details of any adverse reaction(s), such as a reaction to antibiotics or analgesic medications

If you detect that any of the information is incorrect you can request that we remove the Event Summary. We can then upload an Event Summary with the correct information. It is not possible to edit documents that have been uploaded to My Health Record, but they can be deleted and replaced. 

What information may be included in a Specialist Letter?

If we upload a Specialist Letter to your My Health Record it will identify our practice as the organisation that uploaded the letter. The letter will contain the words in the letter written by Dr Tomlinson to your referring doctor and any interested parties (for example, your hand therapist). It may include your contact details, descriptions of your symptoms, your hand diagnosis, your proposed treatment plan, your medications, your medical problems, your pathology or radiology results and details of your examination findings.

Any Specialist Letters that are uploaded to the My Health Record system are uploaded on the basis that they may be useful to you or to a party other than the person or persons that the letter is addressed to.


For more information on how you can manage access, privacy and security within My Health Record please click here


SeaChange© Transformations

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April 1, 2016

afdseachangeSeaChange© Transformations have come to Melbourne! Plastic Surgeon Dr Jill Tomlinson is now providing SeaChange© Transformation Solutions through her exclusive Richmond Plastic Surgery Clinic and Scientific Cosme-Nutriceutical Institute of Natural Beauty and Wellness Therapies.

SeaChange© Transformations provide spectacular physical and mental transformations across the lifespan through the administration of purified, distilled, all-natural sea water, enhanced with vitamins, phytoestrogens, supplements and peptides.

At the heart of the SeaChange© Transformations is our amazing Base Solution, which is made from purified, organic, all-natural sea water. The SeaChange© Base Solution contains an amazing quantum of the 13 life-sustaining SeaChange© Minerals – chloride, sodium, sulfate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, strontium, bromide, borate, fluoride, silicate and iodide. The SeaChange© Minerals are scientifically proven to be essential to good health and wellbeing. Without them your body simply cannot function!

womenresearcherBut now, building on breakthrough scientific knowledge and state of the art research, we can supercharge to the SeaChange© Base Solution and SeaChange© Minerals. To enhance your wellbeing beyond the everyday and achieve a true wellness state of body and mind we balance your systems with a SeaChange© Transformation Solution™ that is specifically formulated to address your body’s deficiencies and achieve your dream goals for health and wellness.

naturalscienceOur Transformation Solution™ is a specially formulated cocktail of Enhancement Elements suspended in our all natural SeaChange© base solution. SeaChange© Enhancement Elements™ include dietary cofactors and: 

• SeaChange© Vitamins - vitamin C, glutathione, B complexes, vitamin B-12, Magnesium, Zinc, L-Carnitine, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin M
• SeaChange© Peptides: actovegin. Essential amino acids, AOD-9604, cerebrolysin, colostrum, lactaway, lube-all-plus, melatonin, melanotan II, TA-65, thymosin beta 4, traumeel, tribulus, Cumulus™
• SeaChange© Phytoestrogens – buckwheat, fennel seed, Dong Quai root, Damiana leaf, Blessed Thistle, Hops, Watercress Leaves, Black Cohosh Root and Wild Yam Root
• SeaChange© Supplements: Meldonium (as popularised by tennis great Maria Sharapova), sildenafil, caffeine, taurine, thermogenics, immugreens, green tea, cranberry, phytoform, superfruits, raw chia, T432 plus, selenium, Western and South American superfoods, placenta extract, coconut water extract, FatAway™ and SuperFatAway™, SeaChange© Stem Cells, morphia and Special K extract

All SeaChange© Enhancement Elements™ are vegan friendly, and are certified gluten free (with the exception of phytoestrogen buckwheat and wheatgerm).

Health benefits
• Physical transformation
• Improved mental alertness and vision
• Liver detoxification
• Enhanced strength and vitality
• Natural glow and skin bronzing
• Negates the negative effects of wind farms
• In vitro studies show that infusions of SeaChange© Transformation Solution™ and SeaChange© Base Solution lower glucose levels, making it a promising treatment for diabetes and glucose intolerance
• Breast and buttock enhancement
• Improvements in arthritis, joint pain, muscle aches, headaches, infertility, constipation, hyperactivity, diarrhoea, nausea, morning sickness, chronic fatigue, fertility, wallet weight and most unwanted symptoms
• Better immunity including against homeopathy and other common ailments
• Boosts levels of all SeaChange© Enhancement Elements™ and vitamins, including those that science is not yet advanced enough to measure!

With SeaChange© Transformation Solution™ you get the results you expect and deserve.

Even with the healthiest diet, in today’s world you are likely to be lacking in the natural elements that your body needs to function at its best. If you feel tired, stressed or have health concerns then a SeaChange© Transformation Solution™ is the perfect pep(tide) up and boost for you! Modern science is at the heart of our SeaChange© treatments but we know that there are still many things that science cannot explain or measure. If you aren’t feeling your best, you may be deficient in elements or particles that science is yet to identify, name and measure. By harnessing the natural power of the sea, SeaChange© Transformation Solutions™ can help treat these deficiencies even before you are aware that you have them!

SeaChange© Transformation Solution™ can be administered intravenously, through the subcutaneous tissues and through colonic irrigation. Our innovative methods mean that the SeaChange© Transformation Solution™ can offer you not just wellness for your body and mind, but also change your physical appearance as well. Two of our most popular methods of SeaChange© Transformation Solution™ tissue administration are the SeaChange© Breast Augmentation and the SeaChange© Donut Head Transformation.

SeaChange© Breast Augmentation

By having the SeaChange© Transformation Solution™ administered through an intramammary infusion you can increase your breast size by two cup sizes in your lunchbreak!

SeaChange© Breast Augmentations are perfect for women who wish to increase their breast size for a special event or as a regular pre-weekend treatment! The results last for 2 days, ideal to pep up your weekend and have you looking stunning at the beach or pool party when you’re in a bikini top (and when your top is off). The SeaChange© Breast Transformation also works wonders to enhance your breasts for clubbing, weekend flings, religious events, greater weekend tips in the workplace, rally events, as a special gift for your partner, bar mitzvahs, yoga fests, weddings, parties and anything! When you return to the office on Monday you can wear your regular (designer) button-front shirts without worrying about buttons straining!

Injectable breast augmentations are used by many celebrities and fashion-forward individuals overseas and have even been featured in the New York Times and Bustle!

Check out our Before and After images!






SeaChange© Doughnut Transformation

First popularised in Canada, then Japan and now Australia, The Doughnut SeaChange© transformation delivers the solution to your forehead. This transformational delivery method is a favourite among university students as it maximises the effect of enhanced mental alertness while simultaneously affording a dramatic appearance change that has a variety of uses around and off campus.









Other SeaChange© Transformation Solution™ treatments include:
• Penile Enlargement
• Buttock Enhancement (the Kardashian™ effect)
• Facial Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
• Calf Augmentation (first leg free!)

Are you suffering symptoms that your healthcare practitioner can’t diagnose or cure? Don’t believe that there’s nothing that can be done to cure what ails you. Call us today to ask if a SeaChange© Transformation Solution could help you!

oxygenfacialSupercharge with a Free Oxygen Facial!

Today only (April 1) you can supercharge your SeaChange© Transformation Solution™ treatment further with a free oxygen facial treatment! Inhale all natural purified oxygen provided through a unique delivery system.

With our skilled administration, oxygen treatments can deliver explosive power to your body and mind, igniting your spark in a way many never imagined or even thought possible. Phone now, our operators are waiting for your call!

But wait, there's more. If you think you have what it takes, you might be one of the lucky few who...

Become part of the SeaChange© Family!

We are currently seeking male and female models and celebrities (A-list and some B-list) to become the face of SeaChange© Transformations in Australia. Free SeaChange© treatments and non-surgical and surgical plastic surgical procedures will be provided to applicants so you can have an all-natural look even if you weren’t blessed with one when you started your life journey of health and wellness. To apply, simply email your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with details of the number of Instagram, YouTube, Webo and Facebook followers that you have and a cover letter that explains why you would be a perfect member of the SeaChange© Family! Let your star rise with ours!

Become a Registered SeaChange© Practitioner

seachangeuniversitylogo250The SeaChange© Transformation University has been established to provide training and opportunities for individuals who would like to provide SeaChange© Transformation Solution™ treatments to individuals seeking health and wellness improvements across their lifespan. To apply, simply email your CV and we will send you details of your online course and training fees. All successful graduates will be provided with a diploma and will be certified as a registered SeaChange© Practitioner. Free laptop included, we guarantee your success*!

*SeaChange© Transformation University is not a registered educational provider. Guaranteed success relates to certification upon receipt of training fees.


Why “SeaChange©”?
Our transformations are a real Sea Change because they use all natural, enhanced purified Sea Water. In the pursuit of natural beauty, what could be more down to sea?

Are the SeaChange© Breast Augmentations safe?
Absolutely! While SeaChange© Breast Augmentations are relatively new to Melbourne, they have been used safely for years overseas by leading plastic surgeons - as featured in The New York Times and Bustle.

I don’t live in Victoria and can’t travel there for a SeaChange© treatment but I’d like to have a SeaChange© Transformation. How do I find a qualified SeaChange© Transformation Practitioner?
seachangeuniversitylogo250To ensure that your SeaChange© Transformation is administered by a qualified practitioner simply look for the SeaChange© Transformation University logo. This logo is only displayed by successful graduates of SeaChange© Transformation University and is a guarantee that your practitioner has the experience and training required by the SeaChange© Tranformation University.



Preparation for Hospital Surgery

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Please read through the following information to ensure that you are prepared for your surgery. A personalised email with this information (including the name of your anaesthetist and hospital with the specific links) will be send to you 1-2 weeks prior to your scheduled surgery.

Preadmission forms

Please complete your hospital preadmission forms at least 7 days prior to surgery. This will streamline your hospital admission process, making the process more efficient for you. 

Surgical Fees

We require payment of your surgical fees 7 days in advance. You can pay by cash, bank cheque, credit card (no Amex or Diners Club) over the phone or direct deposit. To pay by credit card please use PayPal or contact us on (03) 9427 9596 so that we can take payment over the phone. Direct deposit details are located on your financial consent forms. We do not take payment for third parties (eg the hospital, your anaesthetist) although we do take payment for garments and other consumables listed on your fee estimate. If you have any questions regarding the amount to be paid please contact us on (03) 9427 9596.

You will be given an initial receipt for your payment on the day of surgery. The final itemised surgery receipt is created after your surgery has been completed, to ensure that the item codes match with the surgery performed. You will be given this final receipt at the time of your first post operative appointment, unless you request that it be sent to you earlier. This is the receipt that you can submit to your insurer or Medicare (if applicable).

Check with your Insurer

If you haven't already, we recommend that you ask your Private Health Insurer (if applicable) about:

  • whether you are covered for the proposed surgery in hospital (your insurer will need the 5 digit item number on your fee estimate to answer this)
  • if you have any excess or co-payments applicable to your cover

If you unexpectedly discover that you are not covered for the surgery please contact our office to discuss your options. Insurance and Medicare rebates are not applicable for cosmetic surgery procedures.

Your Anaesthetist

Dr Tomlinson works with a number of specialist anaesthetists. The name of your anaesthetist will have been provided to you in your surgery information. If you wish to contact your anaesthetist in the days leading up to your procedure please contact our rooms so we can provide you with the contact details. 

The Hospital

Fasting Instructions

The Hospital will call you prior to your surgery date to let you know what time you will be admitted and when you will be required to fast from. If your surgery is being performed under sedation or under general anaesthetic then you must fast prior to your surgery. If your surgery is being performed under local anaesthetic only (ie if you are not having sedation or general anaesthetic) then you do not have to fast prior to the surgery.

Food: A light meal may be taken up to 6 hours prior to sedation or general anaesthetic. This light meal should not include fried or fatty foods or meat, as these foods can delay the emptying time of your stomach.

Fluids: Clear fluids up to 200ml per hour may be taken up to 4 hours prior to sedation or general anaesthetic – please stop drinking 2 hours before you arrive at the hospital. Clear fluids include water, fruit juices without pulp (orange juice with pulp is not acceptable), clear tea (tea with milk is not acceptable), and black coffee (coffee with milk is not acceptable). Alcoholic drinks are not acceptable.

Medications: You may continue your usual oral medications unless otherwise requested by Dr Tomlinson or your anaesthetist.

Specific instructions need to be followed if you are diabetic or on blood thinning medications; please discuss these with Dr Tomlinson (for blood thinning medications) or your anaesthetist (for diabetic medications).

Your Arrival Time

A Pre-Admission Patient Liaison Officer from Glenferrie Private will contact you by phone or email in the week prior to your procedure regarding preparation and to confirm your admission time. If however, you have not been contacted 24 hours prior to your procedure please contact the hospital.

What to bring with you

Please bring the following items with you on your surgery day:

  • Your Medicare card, insurance details, pensioner cards, DVA cards etc
  • A list of any allergies
  • Contact details for a responsible adult/ contact person
  • Relevant X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, MRI scans
  • A list of any medications or your actual medications if staying overnight
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • If you are staying overnight – pyjamas/ sleepwear, change of clothes, toiletries

We also recommend that you bring something to read or keep yourself occupied with. We endeavor to minimise waiting times but even for relatively small procedures the total time in hospital can be several hours with the admission process, getting ready for surgery, being seen by Dr Tomlinson and your anaesthetist, the surgery and the recovery time. It is possible that the exact time of your surgery may be delayed if an earlier operation takes longer than anticipated; however, we ask you to be patient and calm if this occurs, your time will come!

A relative or support person is welcome to attend with you, or can arrive/ return after your procedure to take you home. Please provide your nominated persons contact details, and the hospital staff will call them to confirm the time they can collect you. Please leave valuables at home or in the care of someone you trust when they come in with you.

Leaving The Hospital

The length of time that you spend in the hospital depends on the type of procedure and anesthetic you have. The hospital staff will make sure that you are safe to go home and that your questions have been answered before you depart. If you have sedation or a general anaesthetic we require that an able bodied, responsible adult is available to accompany you home and stay with you for 24 hours. You must not drive, drink alcohol, sign legal documents or operate heavy machinery for 24 hours after having sedation or general anaesthetic.

Please don't hesitate to contact us on (03) 9427 9596 if you have further questions.

Thank you for choosing to have your surgery with Dr Jill Tomlinson.

Practice Staff

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  • Jill Tomlinson

Administrative Staff:

  • Mikaela Broadbent

Mikaela is from East Gippsland. She has completed her Diploma of Nursing at ACU and plans to continue with the Bachelor of Nursing in the coming years, and work in wound care management. When Mikaela isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, travelling, and trying out local cafes and restaurants.

  • Carmen Chan

Carmen has worked in Medical Administration for three years. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science and is currently studying a Master of Speech Pathology. Carmen has completed Level 2 First Aid and CPR management and is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, and conversational German. She has certificates in Business Administration and Retail and has completed AMEB Grade 8 Flute and AMEB Grade 4 music theory. Carmen volunteers with the State Emergency Services and enjoys playing hockey, basketball, squash, rowing, soccer and football.

  • Renee Laing

After working many years in the childcare industry Renee decided it was time to expand her interests and skills further, and she undertook a short course in medical reception and terminology before moving into medical administration. When Renee is not working she enjoys playing netball once a week, traveling and spending time with family and friends. 

Practice Nurses:

  • Beth Coates

Beth has held an avid interest in plastic surgery nursing since her first exposure as a junior nurse at St Vincent's Hospital in 2010. Her post graduate studies in reconstructive plastic surgery nursing were completed in 2012, and today Beth works part time at St Vincent's Hospital as an Associate Nurse Unit Manager on their ENT, plastics and vascular surgery ward. Beth enjoys working at the Practice on Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and has a special interest in treating ear deformities in infants using non-surgical molding techniques. When she is not working, Beth loves to travel, listen to audio books, and work in her garden.

  • Priscilla Crocker

Priscilla is a Clinical Nurse Specialist with specialist expertise in the areas of perioperative and day surgery nursing. She has a passion for high quality patient care in the perioperative environment. Priscilla has a Diploma of Management and when not working she enjoys travel, photography, and spending time with family and friends. Priscilla works on Fridays in our practice and has worked with Dr Tomlinson since 2006.

  • Gabrielle McCann

Gabrielle is a registered nurse who works part time providing procedural nursing assistance in our practice and also in a Melbourne dermatology practice. When not assisting with procedures and post operative care, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

  • Selina Milton

Selina is a registered nurse who has 15 years of nursing experience and has worked in a variety of clinical specialties. Selina has post graduate qualifications in peri operative nursing and has worked for the last 7 years in areas such as anaesthetics, recovery, operating theatre as scrub/scout nurse, and endoscopy. In 2015 while on maternity leave Selina wanted to fulfil her passion in cosmetic nursing so she completed a post graduate diploma in cosmetic nursing through Australian Academy Of Cosmetic Dermal Science which has given her the qualification to provide anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler injections, microdermabrasion, skin needling, and chemical peels, along with IPL and laser qualifications. Selina enjoys providing non surgical cosmetic procedures and has a special interest in dermal filler injections and the science behind skin. Selina prides herself in working with clients one on one, creating a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan to help patients look and feel their best. She believes that patient education along with dedicated homecare is vital in the client achieving optimal results. When Selina is not working she enjoys to spend her time with her son, husband and family whether that be going for a bike ride, watching a movie, planning family holidays or heading out to a favourite Melbourne cafe for breakfast.

  • Sarah Anning
  • Fiona Davidson

Practice Policies

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Privacy Policy

Click here to download Dr Jill Tomlinson Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon's Practice Privacy Policy.

Complaint Handling Policy

Click here to view Dr Jill Tomlinson Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon's Complaint Handling Policy.

Late Arrival Policy

Patients are allocated a specific appointment time and duration of consultation. We encourage patients to arrive 10 minutes early to their first appointment so that they can complete patient registration forms prior to their consultation (see Your Initial Consultation).

While we will endeavour to accommodate patients who arrive late to their appointment, the duration of your consultation will be reduced by the amount of time that you were late for your appointment. You may be asked to return at a later time or on another day. Your consultation fee will still apply.

Missed Appointment Policy

We require 24 hours notice by phone if you will not be able to attend your scheduled appointment. Standard appointments that are cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice will attract a full consultation fee of $300. Long appointments that are cancelled or rescheduled with less than 5 business days notice will attract the full consultation fee of $400. 

Online Privacy Policy

Click here to view Dr Jill Tomlinson Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon's Online Privacy Policy

Zero Tolerance of Aggression Policy

Our practice has zero tolerance towards either verbal or physical aggression. Any patient who is deemed to be aggressive will be asked to leave the premises and will be removed from our patient list.

Complaint Handling Policy

Written by Dr Jill Tomlinson on .

We value feedback and complaints as they assist us to improve our service, procedures and processes.

This policy has been designed to assist both patients and staff. We are committed to consistent, fair and confidential complaint handling and to resolving complaints as quickly as possible.  We aim to make it easy for people to make a complaint if they are dissatisfied and we will treat all patients making a complaint equally.

Definition of a complaint

Complaints are defined as any expression of dissatisfaction or grievance made to staff by a patient or member of the public in relation to our business.

Complaints may be made via telephone, email, fax, private message or mail. For patient privacy reasons and to facilitate effective complaint resolution, patient complaints should not be lodged via Facebook comments or public Twitter messages.

We encourage you to let us know if you have feedback or complaints regarding a third party involved in your care, such as a hospital facility or a healthcare professional that we refer patients to. We also encourage patients to voice their concerns to that party. We cannot take responsibility for the actions of a third party, but we do promise to take your feedback seriously.

Recording complaints

All complaints made, verbal or written, will be recorded in our practice Complaints Registry at the time the complaint is made, or as soon as possible afterwards.  The complaint will be recorded by the staff member who took the details.

When taking a complaint, staff will record the name and contact details of the patient, as well as full details of the complaint including the date.  Details of all communication and any actions to resolve the complaint will be recorded in the same place.

Complaints will also be monitored for any ongoing trends so that additional efforts can be directed towards resolving any ongoing issues.

Patients’ personal details or details of their complaint will not be divulged to third parties unless we have their written consent.

Informing patients of progress

We strive to resolve all complaints within five working days. Complaints will be acknowledged promptly.

Patients will be given an approximate timeframe at the time they make their complaint.  Patients will be informed of the progress of their complaint regularly, especially if there are any delays or changes to what has been agreed.

Patients will be informed of any changes to our products or services as a result of their complaint.

Where appropriate, patients who have had a complaint resolved will be contacted at a later date to see if they are happy with how their complaint was handled.  

Responding to complaints

All people making a complaint will be treated with courtesy.  Where possible, complaints will be resolved at the first point of contact. Complaints will still be recorded.

If the complaint can’t be resolved immediately, the patient will be given a timeframe, a contact person and details of our complaint handling process.  

Outcomes of complaints may include:

-    An explanation of what happened, or the provision of more detailed information about your condition, complication or treatment

-    An opportunity for you to discuss your complaint face-to-face

-    An apology

-    A change to systems or procedures so that a similar incident does not occur

-    Referral to another provider for a second opinion or further treatment

-    Provision of remedial treatment

-    Compensation

-    Referral to an organisation where you can escalate your complaint

Escalation of complaints

If we cannot resolve the complaint to the patient’s satisfaction, we will inform them about where they can take further action (e.g. the Health Complaints Commissioner on 1300 582 113 or at http://hcc.vic.gov.au, the Medical Board of Australia, the Equal Opportunity Commission).

Review of complaint handling policy and procedures

We are committed to continuous improvement and this policy will be reviewed regularly for effectiveness. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Acknowledgement: Dr Jill Tomlinson acknowledges use of a 2008 complaints policy template from the South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission and the website of the Human Services Commissioner in the development of this policy.

Website Disclaimer

This website is authored by Dr Jillian Tomlinson, a fully qualified plastic, reconstructive and hand surgeon who practices in Melbourne, Australia. This website aims to inform patients and health professionals about hand surgery, illness prevention and the practice philosophy of Dr Jill Tomlinson. This website's content is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her own doctor. The information is not intended to replace the advice of a health professional. This website does not host or receive funding from advertising or from the display of commercial content.