Our virtual clinic

Written by jill@jilltomlinson.com on .

Dr Jill Tomlinson conducts telehealth consultations via video at her virtual clinic. Features of videoconsultation include:

  • melbhandsurgerydoxymedrjilltomlinsonscreenshare, so you can discuss photographs and diagrams
  • document delivery, so you can confirm that you have seen the pop up notification to download a document that Dr Tomlinson sends to you, and have successfully downloaded them
  • Dr Tomlinson's administrative assistant and nurse can greet you when you check into the virtual waiting room, and meet with you again after your consultation to arrange any follow up appointments, and discuss surgical fee estimates and surgery booking information.

We initially established our virtual clinic as part of our COVIDsafe measures but we have also found it to be an extremely convenient option for patients whose consultation does not require in-person attendance.

If you have any questions about telehealth options please ask.

If you would like to try checking into our virtual clinic please feel free to do so any time - we will only meet with you via the clinic if you have a scheduled appointment, so you are welcome to check in to test your camera, microphone and internet connection any time.